The book Kelley made for us has created tremendous positive impact for World Vision on many levels. It has helped us to attract new donors, increase engagement and financial commitment and strengthened relationships with government and other partners. Seeing this beautiful book, people think, “Wow this is impressive. This is something I want to learn about.” It brings our work to life. The photos are beautiful and the content is compelling. It gives people a very professional window into the work that we do and helps us take a complex and important development intervention and explain the different and unique ways that change takes place. In an environment where every dollar counts, many find it hard to think about investing in a communications product like this, but even now, just a few months after it was published, this book has already paid for itself many times over. It was well worth the investment!

 —Erica Van Deren, Program Management Officer, East & West Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, World Vision

Working with Kelley over the past ten years has been a pleasure. Her skills and expertise have supported the development of a diverse set of documents, including those focused on pastoralist programming, orphans and vulnerable children, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), faith and development, and interfaith collaboration on Maternal Neonatal and Child Health. Kelley's ability to engage with staff members and communities is a special gift: she has a knack for building rapport that allows her to reach into their lives and build stories that have impact. And the beautiful photographs always make one feel as if they are on the ground, with the people.

The return on investment from Kelley's work is evident. The books that she has produced have helped to highlight issues with donors and other stakeholders, to raise awareness within communities and to mobilize resources for greater support to vulnerable populations. 

 —Margaret Schuler, Senior Vice President, International Programs Group, World Vision

When it came time to create a final documentation of our project – Graduation with Resilience to Achieve Sustainable Development, or GRAD – Kelley was the only person I knew who I could trust to capture the true essence of the project and give a voice to the individuals who participated and benefitted. She is not just a fantastic photographer and storyteller, she is also a great listener and was fully responsive to our needs and wants for this document. Absolutely the best in the business. Have a look at Aspire, the book she created for us, and I’m sure you’ll agree. 

 —John Meyer, Chief of Party, GRAD, CARE Ethiopia

Working with Kelley is a graphic designer's dream. She takes photographs that not only only tell a story on their own, but also serve as incredible assets for showcasing impact across mediums. Her images served so many critical projects such as reports, websites, videos, graphics, posters, and any other number of marketing materials. Not only is she an amazing photographer, but she understands international development on a complex, programmatic level. As a result, she is able to bring life to development initiatives with beauty, empathy, AND authenticity.

—Melissa Mattoon, Producer, POLITICO (formerly with Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA))

Kelley has gone on a number of very difficult multi-country missions for GPE and has come back with tons of amazing material. She truly goes above and beyond the call of duty.

 —Livia Barton, Digital Communications, Global Partnership for Education

Inspired by Kelley's gorgeous books for Save the Children Ethiopia, we asked her to produce high quality communication materials for UNICEF Madagascar, to support a wider donor proposal. We needed someone who could deliver the complete package — respond to our vision, understand the programme, interview the children, write everything up in a compelling narrative, take photographs and execute the graphic design.

What she produced exceeded all of our expectations. Her materials are the best I've seen in my ten year career, and were instrumental in raising several million dollars from the private sector for UNICEF Madagascar's education programme. They told the story of Malagasy children in a compelling and relatable way, and the humanity she captured managed to draw the attention of both CEOs of European companies and the general public. And for us, working with one person whose skills covered all bases (writing, photography and design), made the process much more elegant than working with a separate contractor for each.

To top it off, Kelley is an absolute pleasure to work with. She's well versed in the development world, having lived abroad for much of her life. She has great skill in understanding a technical programme and translating it into photos and stories. We travelled together to remote field locations to interview children, and Kelley was a real team player — flexible, cheerful, motivated, and extremely skilled at respectfully engaging with the children and communities who chose to share their stories. I'd recommend Kelley without a single reservation.  You can thank me later!

—Susanna Mullard, Public Partnerships Specialist, UNICEF (formerly with UNICEF Madagascar)

I’ve contracted Kelley to produce a number of publications on pastoral livelihoods in Ethiopia. Working with Kelley has always been such a positive experience from the design of the project through printing the publications. Importantly, once the general concept is agreed she heads off with a driver and translator and one can be completely confident she’ll work creatively and appropriately with the local community concerned. A surprising number of pastoralists in Ethiopia now know Kelley, enjoy her visits and are keen to work with her. They value her creativity and passion for her work and they recognize that her photos and books document pastoral life for readers both now and in the future. 

—Adrian Cullis, Tufts University Africa (formerly with Save the Children US, Ethiopia)

Kelley combines tremendous creativity with the ability to listen to both the client and to those she engages with in the field. Her work resonates because she can relate well to those she photographs. Kelley is a communicator with the rare ability to present ideas forcibly, yet eloquently and with compassion.

—Stephen Anderson, Partner, Food Economy Group (FEG)

This is good, effective documentation: it showcases the work we’ve been doing and has been one of the success factors in more than doubling our funding base.

—Bjørn Hagen, Senior Advisor, Redd Barna (Formerly with Save the Children Norway, Ethiopia)