Kelley Lynch is an international humanitarian photographer/videographer, writer and designer with more than 20 years’ experience identifying, capturing and bringing to life unique and emotionally engaging stories for NGOs, development organizations and donor agencies worldwide.

Built over two decades of living and working in the developing world, her diverse skill set combined with the breadth of her experience and her understanding of international development set Kelley's work apart.

Kelley has written, photographed, designed and published more than 20 books in addition to a wide variety of stories focused on:
food security
water, sanitation and hygiene
disaster risk reduction
maternal and child health
faith-based initiatives
• environment and resilience

Kelley’s photographs, stories and publications have been used to raise awareness, communicate with donors, advocate with policy-makers and mobilize millions in support of programs for vulnerable populations. 

Her clients include UNICEF, USAID, the Global Partnership for Education, the World Bank, the British Council, Save the Children, CARE and World Vision. See what they have to say about Kelley’s work here.

Kelley is currently based in Washington, DC.