Photographer, writer and designer Kelley Lynch has built her career on producing stories that give a voice to some of the world’s most marginalized and vulnerable people.

Having lived and worked in the developing world for more than two decades, she has a unique appreciation for the wonders and the challenges of those contexts. Her greatest gift is her ability to truly connect with her subjects and collaborate with them to tell their stories.

Kelley has developed an international clientele based largely on repeat business, word of mouth and referrals. She travels regularly throughout Africa and Asia covering stories about a diverse range of social and humanitarian issues, including pastoralismeducationwater, sanitation and hygienedisaster risk reductionmaternal and child health and nutritionfaith based initiatives , livelihoods, and environment and resilience.

Her clients include UNICEF, USAID, the Global Partnership for Education, Save the Children, CARE, World Vision, Mercy Corps and the British Council, among others. Her work is used to create awareness, communicate with donors, advocate with governments and raise millions in funding.

Kelley’s diverse skill set provides significant benefits for her clients: the photography, writing and design come together under a single, unified vision, resulting in one-of-a-kind communications materials. And because there is only one person to contract and send to the field, the process of creating high quality communications materials is made cost effective and easy to manage.

Kelley has authored or co-authored more than 20 books, including a "literary coffee table book" on Bangladesh. In addition to creating publications, she is regularly engaged to produce photo essays, stories, blog posts and social media content for clients.

Kelley is based in Washington, DC.

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